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About Tubbs of Soft Water
Tubbs of Soft water was created in 1966, in Appleton, MN by Dean Tubbs.  In 1982, Taylor and Nancy Tubbs, Dean's son, bought the business and continue to run the office based out of Appleton on Hwy 7. In April 2012, opened a second location on Hwy 12 in Milbank, SD.  Tubbs of Soft Water prides itself on their service and great equipment.    
Rod Thielke,Sales/Service
Chris Burdorf, Appleton Office
Rod has been with the Tubbs of Soft Water family for 25+ years.  Rod started part time in high school and eventually worked into a full time position, working on everything from softner installs to assisting with plumbing needs in Minnesota.  Rod can answer most any question you have when it comes to Water Conditioning.  Rod and his family reside in Holloway, MN.
Chris has been with the Tubbs of Soft water family for 20+ years.  Chris has a degree in Accounting, and uses her skills to ensure that all customer accounts are up to date and accurate.  Chris is more than willing to help customers who call the Appleton office about their service needs and billing questions.  Chris and her family reside in Montevideo. 
Committed to helping our customers live a better lifestyle.
Taylor Tubbs, Owner
Taylor started working for Tubbs of Soft Water in high school when his father owned it.  In 1982, he and his wife Nancy bought the business from Dean, and have ran it to this day out of the Appleton office.  In April 2012, Taylor and Nancy opened a second store in Milbank, specializing in water conditioning.  Taylor and Nancy reside in Appleton.
Ashlie Veen, Milbank Office
Ashlie just joined the Tubbs of Soft Water family in April of 2012 with the opening of the Milbank Office.  Ashlie has a degree in Small Business Management, Accounting, & Human Services.  She runs the Milbank Office, ensuring all the South Dakota customers are satisfied with their services and equipment.  Ashlie and her family reside in Milbank.

Daniel Thielke, Delivery/Service
Daniel joined Tubbs part time a few years prior to starting full time in May 2019.  Daniel lives in Holloway and plans on attending school for plumbing in the future.