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Bottled Water
Our Bottled water can be delivered to your home or is available for pick up at either of our locations.  Our water has a pure taste, offering a inexpensive alternative to single bottles of water.
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Cooler
Water Softeners
Bottled Water Holders
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Our Products
Tubbs of Soft Water takes pride in the quality water conditioning products that we offer our customers.  Customers Service and Satisfaction is  #1.
Our Reverse Osmosis Systems, also known as R.O. is a system tht is placed in the home and used to filter water for a pure drinking water right out of the tap.
Our water coolers are available for rent or for purchase.  They come in two types of models, one which has a room temp/cold water taps and the other has a hot/cold taps.  
Carrying the Aqua Magic Line, We have a variety types models of Softeners available for sale or rent.  We size our Softeners to best suit the needs of each individual home.  From a self contained to a Logix, Metered to time controlled,  we have something to suite all needs.  We also repair all makes/models of softeners.
We have a wide variety of bottled water holders, with all price ranges available.  These are designed to make the bottles of water more convenent in your home.  From a two jug stacking unit to a 6 jug holder with a shelf on top, we have a variety on display to suit your needs.
We have 50# of softener salt available at all our locations for pick up or delivery.  We also have salt routes in most areas, call for more information.  Delivery includes, checking clock on softner to ensure it is running properly, delivery of the salt and take away of the bags.  Maintenance free and no mess!